A festival (not only) for whisky lovers

Over 150 different whiskies and bourbons to be tasted under one roof

A selection of brands that aren’t even currently available in the Czech republic

Learn how to enjoy whisky and recognize its different tastes

All of that in a pleasant atmosphere with live music, prizes and many more exhibitors other than just whisky


See you in 2016!

Festival program

4. – 5. november 2016 in Bethlehem chapel

Each visitor will get his own official Glencairn whisky glass and a booklet including a list of whiskies, a space for tasting notes and basic guidelines to correct whisky tasting. Tastings cost usually one or multiple “Drams”, depending on the value of the given bottle. A “Dram” is the currency used at the festival corresponding to 30CZK.

The main whisky exhibition and tasting will be in the Bethlehem chapel. Bread and water will of course be available to neutralize your taste.

You will also have the opportunity to attend one of the many Masterclasses.



Festival partners

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