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4. - 5. NOVEMBER 2016



New town hall, Charles sq. 1, Prague
November 4th and 5th, 2016

  • The fourth annual Prague whisky festival, again organised in the New Town hall in the historical centre of Prague

  • Over 150 different whiskies to choose from, including rarities and those that are not yet available in the Czech republic

  • It doesn't matter if you are completely new to whisky or whether you are an avid whisky lover - the festival caters to everyone

  • Attend one of our many Masterclasses, where whisky experts will guide you through a tasting of their handpicked whiskies

  • Live music, bag pipes, kilts, cigars, food… Boredom will not be an option!


One of our main goals at Whisky Life! Prague every year is to invite a new inspirational personality from the world of whisky. We are delighted to say that this year John McCheyne, ambassador for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, has accepted our invitation.

John says he fell in love with single malt whisky and scotch whisky in general when he visited the Laphroaig distillery in 1983, which was coincidentally also the year that the SMWS was founded. He joined the society in the eighties and has been its ambassador for the past ten years. As their ambassador, he brings the special nature of the society and its whisky to people through members tastings at home and abroad.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has currently around 25000 members from 18 different countries. It is an independent bottler with its primary focus being single cask whiskies, therefore every single one of their whiskies is unique. The whiskies are predominantly Scotch, but also from the US, Ireland, Japan and Wales. So far they have bottled whiskies from 132 different distilleries. Their whiskies are labeled with a special number code and not the distillery name. This is so its members and guests can focus on each unique flavour, without any preconceptions about the whisky based on distillery name.



What to expect on John's masterclass:

  • Unique single malt whiskies that were most recently bottled by the SMWS

  • Whiskies from different regions and of different styles

  • A pleasant guided tasting of the different whiskies, personal anecdotes and humour




What is a Dram?

A fictional currency used at the festival. You can buy Drams at the cash desk and then use them to buy tasting samples at the exhibitors\' stands. 1 Dram = 30.00 CZK

How can I reserve a place at a Masterclass?

It is necessary to reserve a place and pay in advance - it is possible to do so on our website. Some Masterclasses are for free, some have an entrance fee. If you fail to pay for the Masterclass within 14 days of your reservation your reservation will be cancelled. Please reserve a place in advance even if the Masterclass is for free in order to secure a spot.

What does my ticket include?

The entrance to the festival for your chosen block, your own Glencairn whisky tasting glass which you can keep as a souvenir, and of course a pen and brochure with space for your notes. Although most whisky tastings have to be paid for with drams, your ticket does entitle you to a limited amount of tastings for free - this is up to each exhibitor and the list of free tastings will be listed on the brochure.