Whisky Life! Prague 2015

What is a Dram?

A fictional currency used at the festival. You can buy Drams at the cash desk and then use them to buy tasting samples at the exhibitors' stands. 1 Dram = 30.00 CZK

How can I reserve a place at a Masterclass?

It is necessary to reserve a place and pay in advance - it is possible to do so on our website. Some Masterclasses are for free, some have an entrance fee. If you fail to pay for the Masterclass within 3 days of your reservation your reservation will be cancelled. Please reserve a place in advance even if the Masterclass is for free in order to secure a spot. Please note that tickets to Masterclasses are valid only together with a ticket to the festival - they are not standalone.

What does my ticket include?

Every guest gets their own whisky tasting glass which they can keep as a souvenir and a small gift. Most whisky tastings have to be paid for with the festival's currency, Drams, which can be exchanged at the festival.